page updated: 2022.06.14

Blender-CAD-edition is a modified version of Blender 2.49b.
It can handle big CAD projects more effectively than the standard version.
It is dedicated to architects, engineers and designers. They will need this version to run CADtools script in full-feature-mode.
Blender-CAD-edition works on any platform officially supported by Blender: Linux, MacOS and Windows (XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10).

stage of implementation: lllllll... (recent progress in orange)

llllllllll - bigger workspace up to units (opposite to 2.000.000 in standard version)
llllllllll - number of objects in the scene up to 50.000 (opposite to 2.000 in standard version)
llllllllll - bugfix for transformations of non-uniformly-scaled objects
llllllllll - API: support for Background-Images
llllllllll - API: support for pen-pressure (graphic tablets)
l......... - API: read/write access to select-tag in Polygon-Curves
l......... - vertex-groups for Curves, incl. API
l......... - stable access to UNDO from within running python scripts
llll...... - double-precision (opposite to single-precision in standard version)

2.49-CAD-edition is subject to GNU-GPL.

Building from sources:
If you want to build 2.49-CAD-edition from sources, contact me to get source code and build instruction.

- portable version for Windows incl. Python 2.6 (XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10)
- portable version for Linux incl. Python 2.7 (todo)
- portable version for OSX incl. Python 2.7 (todo)

- regular version for Windows 32bit/64bit (XP/Vista/Win7/Win8)
- regular version for Linux 32bit/64bit Py2.6
- regular version for Linux 32bit Py2.7
- regular version for Linux 64bit Py2.7
Please report non-working links.

- portable version for Windows needs no installation - simply extract the zip-file inclusive all subfolders into a new folder on your harddisk or pen-drive and start blender.exe from there.

- regular version for Windows 32bit/64bit - delivered zip-file contains only modified Blender executable and libraries, so you will need regular Blender 2.49b and Python 2.6.x_32bit installed on your system. Extract the content of CAD-edition zip file into your Blender 2.49b installation folder. To preserve the original blender executable change its name to "blender_org.exe" before.

- regular version for Linux 32bit/64bit - extract zip/tar.bz2-file into a new subfolder "BlenderCAD" in your home directory and start from there. Newer Linuxes (ubuntu 11.04 and higher) do not support python 2.6 but 2.7, so choose proper CAD-edition Py2.7 version instead. More details


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